Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Brother

Brian and I took the girls today for the 20 week ultra sound to see their baby brother. They saw the ultra sound photos from previous times, but we thought it would be neat for them to go for the last one.

Avery was very interested and was very sweet during the process. Jacy thought it was neat for about 2 minutes :-). 

The tech was very thorough during the process and shared lots of reassuring information during the process.  Everything was normal and HE weighed almost 1lb.  He had the hiccups during it and even stuck his tongue out at us!  

Here are his feet and a front view of his face.

Here he is opening his mouth and a profile picture.

We plan to name the little guy Coby Patrick Linn.
It sounds like he will be arriving either July 10th or July 17th- depending on my doctor's schedule! We are very excited!!

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  1. I am so thrilled that everything about him looked perfect. Praying for a healthy last 20 weeks. Love you all!